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Getting started tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Use the create-chiselstrike-app command to create a scaffold ChiselStrike project.
  • Use the ChiselStrike CLI to develop locally.
  • Define an entity with TypeScript.
  • Use the ChiselStrike REST API to perform basic CRUD operations on the entity.

We recommend following this tutorial on MacOS or Linux. It will also work on Windows under WSL.


You will need the following developer tools installed:

  • A code editor of your choice, preferably one that supports TypeScript.
  • node installed in your shell PATH, version 14.18.0 or later.
  • curl installed in your shell PATH. You may use other tools to fetch a URL, but example commands will be shown using curl.

You should have a general understanding of how nodejs projects work. Knowledge of TypeScript is not necessary, but helpful.