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Version: 0.15

TypeScript client API


This is the documentation for the TypeScript client API for use with web and nodejs applications. For ChiselStrike backend route code, use the entity TypeScript API.

When building web applications, especially SPAs (single page apps), it is necessary in some cases to read and write entity data directly from the app's code running in the browser. While it's possible to use the RESTful entity CRUD API directly with a general-purpose HTTP client library, it's more convenient to use a dedicated client library that hides the implementation details of the underlying protocol. ChiselStrike can generate a TypeScript client library derived from your backend data model and route definitions.

Internally, the client API uses the standard web Fetch API. As such, it will also work with nodejs 17.5 and later using its experimental fetch API implementation, making it suitable for use in local scripts and other nodejs runtime environments.

Generation of client code as described in this documentation is supported in ChiselStrike version 0.15 and later.